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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

RS - Deconstruction of Star Trek (Practice Evaluation Question)

Star Trek (J.J.Abrams, 2009)
Budget: $140m
US Box Office: $260m
UK Box Office £20m

  • The company idents play before anything. The companies that play are Paramount Pictures Spyglass Entertainment and Bad Robot.
  • Non-Diagetic sound played throughout the company idents on screen, the sound then stops when they finish and it transitions to the opening sequence.
  • There is an initial establishing shot of space and then a space ship moving past the camera, anchoring the genre.
  • Theres no mention of "A film by" or "Directed by" etc, there is also no date/time/year shown on the screen.
  • We here people talking over a radio, we assume it is from the people abord the space ship
  •  There is sequence of people abord the space ship, discussing another ship approaching them through a black hole.
  • There is a long sequence of the ships battling
  • The whole opening sequence ends at 11 minutes which is when the main title for the film comes up

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