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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

RS - Sample Opening - The Toolbox Murders

The Toolbox Murders (Dennis Donnelly, 1978)
Remake in 2004 Directed by Tobe Hooper, apparent sequel in the make
Budget: $185K
No Box Office Found
Banned for 18 years from 1982 to 2000 in the UK

  • The strange music signifies horror genre
  • Genre clearly denoted, anchored with POV shots, the drill, drunk woman (typically the person to get killed)
  • Red font signifies the genre
  • Flash backs (orange tint is used to show that they are flashbacks)
  • Narrative enigma because you can't see the murderers face
  • Rips up the flowers in the flashback, could foreshadow things to come in the film
  • The clothing he is wearing signifies that he is middle class
  • The drill (weapon) anchors the genre
  • When he goes into the apartment the music changes, this creates tension and can predict that something bad is about to happen
  • Organ used for the music, signifies a low budget 70's film
  • Piano notes signify tragedy 
  • Blue tint to signify coldness
  • The record player can anchor the time period as most houses don't usually have them anymore
  • Clothes and the hairstyles anchor time period
  • Accents anchor the location
Techniques we can use from this:

  • The problem with this opening is that it is too long, and not much happens in the opening, the man just drives around for a while. The shots are too long for our opening to be good

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