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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

SP - Sample Opening - Saw 5

Saw 5 (David Hackl, 2008)
Budget : $11m
US Box Office : $56m
UK Box Office : $6m

  • It is raining heavily and there is non-diegetic sound of thunder in the background
  • The opening shot is of a door lit up by a light and the camera slowly starts zooming in on it 
  • We see a sign on the door that says trespassers will be prosecuted which signifies someone who has done something wrong is going to be punished in this building
  • Extreme long shot of a dark room with someone tied up 
  • Mid shot as the camera pans over one side of the persons body and we see he has a series of tatoos on his chest
  • Man suddenly awakes and thre is a close up of him to show his emotion of finding himself unable to move.
  • Lights come on to add anchorage of the setting 
  • High angle of body signifies his lonliness 
  • A TV turns on in the corner of the room and a man wearing mask apperas. This is narrative enigma as we never see his face
  • He has a very deep, one toned voice which adds tension
  • Another light is turned on to discover an axe that will swing above his body
  • Close up of clock shows how long he has got until the axe his kill him
  • Close up of device that will cut off his hands but freen him from being killed by the  axe
  • Quick paced shots as the axe starts swinging above his body 
  • Close up of hands being crushed in device
  • High angle shot as the axe cuts his body in half 
  • Cut away shots as blood hits the walls 
  •  Final shot is a POV shot of the victim looking at a door and there is an eye looking back at him through the hole 

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