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Saturday, 8 January 2011

ALL - Sample Opening - 5ive Girls

5ive Girls (Warren P. Sonoda, 2006)
No US or UK Box Office takings because it wasn't released in cinemas

  • Non-Diagetic sound in background to build suspence
  • Crusifix on the wall falls off foreshadowing bad things to happen
  • Girl is in school uniform signifying her age and location
  • Lighting changes and blinds begin to fall down and smash around signifying some demon is coming into the world
  • Therefore the music progressivly gets faster
  • Girl was drawing the devil in a note book
  • Man walks over to her in a priest outfit and they get very close and personal signifying a relationship between the two.
  • This means they need to be punished because of their relationship
  • ECU of their hands touching again to reiterate that they are in a relationship
  • The man walks out and the door slams behind him, locking the girl in the room by herself
  • CU of her eyes with flames in them, signifying the devil is inside her, or hell related
  • Transitions to signify time has passed
  • Stereotypical scream queen, short skirt, blonde, scruffy
  • Cut away shots on the beads to make a change

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