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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation Question 3

 Evaluation Question 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media and why?

With so many horror films being released annually there are a certain ammount that really make it big time and create a new franchise, a perfect example of this is Saw, a whole new idea of horror films and now 7 years later they are onto their 7th film in the franchise. Another example of a very sucessful franchise that is recent is the Scream Franchise, they are now up to their 4th release this year. There are also regular remakes for example the most recent ones Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and a slightly earlier one The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Taking these into account we have evidence that the target audience for film is not gone, people are still interested in this genre of film (slasher, a sub-genre of horror) therefore we believe our film could fit into the market and be sucessful.

With our film being created on zero budget (also known as Indie) we would need to find a distribution company that wont be too expensive, so this rules out any of "the big 6" film companies for example Universal Pictures.

Or I could choose Warp Films as they are a UK based company and produce low budget films which are also very successful. Donkey Punch and Dead Man's Shoes are good examples of what Warp has produced, very low budget (compared to the Big 6) yet they can still make a good profit. However our film has a budget even much lower than this small indie company; therefore it does seem a bit too far away for us. Even with a budget of less than £50 there are still examples of films getting into cinemas with Colin; a £45 film which made it to the big screen, so it is a possibility this could happen to ours.

After research on the internet and from my own knowledge I found out that the best choice for a distribution company would be Optimum Releasing, giving the fact that we have no budget to work with. Optimum Releasing is a fairly low budget British Distributor company which is ideal for our film and would fit perfectly into this company. They release over 200 films a year and are one of the most prominent distributors in the UK independent film and world cinema market. Optimum Releasing work with Warp FIlms in distributing some of their most popular films This is England (£1.5m Budget) and Donkey Punch ($3m or about £1.8/9m) which both have budgets less than £3m which is very low budget compared to American films.

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