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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

ALL - Sample Opening - Halloween

Halloween (John Carpenter, 1978)
Budget: $375K
US BO: $47m
UK BO - not given
There are 9 films in the franchise

  • Sans font signifies comedy genre but seriff signifies a horror genre, so the film implements them both into the title sequence to appeal to a wide audience. The font doesn't really fit the genre.
  • The font changes color which reflects the pumpkin to the side of the titles, the flames can also signify hell, the devil, death
  • One of the most recognisable soundtracks for film, slow string notes and fast piano over the top, this creates tension and the music begins to start when something drastic is about to happen
  • Very long title sequence around 5-6 mins
  • Black background and white font for the location can signify that it is a serious film
  • Anchorage on the time and day etc
  • Steadicam shot at the beginning to represent a POV shot walking up to the house
  • Blue tint on the house to show coldness could foreshadow something
Techniques we can use from this

  • This film is ideal for us because the scenario is similar, the weapon is a knife and the location, a detatched house.
  • The POV shots used in the opening we will use because they are so simple yet so effective and can be replecated very easily
  • We will also use the blue tint like in the opening to show loneliness and coldness

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