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Thursday, 3 February 2011

RS - Coursework Update

After screening our opening to the class we recieved some feedback (a Youtube video will be published in the next few days, showing the feedback recieved in the lesson) the feedback consisted of making it more obvious as to why the man goes upstairs in the first place. Maybe changing the costume of the man a bit, to make him look a bit more menacing. They also told us to think a bit more about the ending because it is not "quite there" yet. In tomorrows lesson we will brainstorm a few ideas as what to do and then produce another rough cut to screen and get further feedback on.

Therefore we will need to secure another date/weekend for further re-shooting, on this day we will also create a "behind the scenes" and a vodcast and podcast. These can all be viewed on my Youtube channel. They will be added to the relevent playlists, when they have been uploaded to Youtube.

Sam and I are away on a Geography trip on Monday(7th)  and Tuesday (8th) which will leave Asa alone for two lessons, therefore we need to think of something we can set for him to do, but also something we can do whilst on the trip to make sure we do not fall behind, this could be thinking deeper into soundtrack ideas, or further company ident ideas.

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