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Sunday, 19 December 2010

RS - My original coursework pitch

Mix between: Halloween + Psycho + Home Alone
Location: Victims house, a lonely detatched house in the middle of nowhere
Lots of POV shots used
Shadows can be used to fuel the imagination, so you don't actually see the killing, you just see shadows of it happening
Gardening sheers are used as the weapon

Story: The man is looking for a job and finds one in the local newspaper. He goes to the house that the job had been advertised at to find the people advertising it are not in, however their daughter is in by herself. She explains that the job has already been taken. The girl gets a phone call and he over hears her saying she is home alone. The man is angry because he didn't get the job and knows she is alone so he goes for her.

This is evidence of me reading the pitch out in class.

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