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Thursday, 16 December 2010

ALL - "Groundsman" Coursework Ideas

  • Man seeking a groundsman job in the newspaper
  • Throws the paper on the kitchen table, circles the job description in red
  • Rips out a piece with the address of the house advertising a job
  • Travels to the rural house to find the people advertising the job 
  • Fades to girl on her phone talking to her boyfriend and says "i've got a free house all weekend, come round later"
  • Door knocks
  • Girl says to boyfriend "i'll call you back later" then goes to answer the door
  • Invites the man inside and says "you might want to take a seat my dads on his way...he said he will be five minutes"
  • Man sits down in the lounge, girl asks if he wants a drink. She goes off into the kitchen and gets the weapon
  • Man: "What's taking you so long?"....Girl replies: "Just give me a minute"
  • Girl looking through the draws and finds the weapon
  • She returns to the room (Over the shoulder shot)
  • POV of the man watching the TV, knife comes from behind him, in his periferal vision
  • Screen fades out like he is passing out. To end the opening.

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