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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

RS - My Top 5 Favourite Films

My 5 Favourite Films

1. The Good the Bad and the Ugly (Leone, 1967)

Budget: $1.2m 
US Box Office: $19m 
UK Box office not given.

Ranked 5th in the top 250 films of all time on IMDB!!!

Why I like it: Entertaining, lots of violence and action! Clint Eastwood being a badass. Great duel between the 3 main characters at the end. Lots of extreme close ups in the duels to show the characters emotions which is really effective. The final to the "Man with no name" trilogy and what an ending! Has the most epic sound track, worth downloading off Itunes, especially "Ecstasy of Gold" which Metallica use before every concert, a perfect intro!

The Trailer

2. Back to the Future (Zemeckis, 1985)

Budget: $19 m
US Box Office: $210m
UK Box Office: £460m.

Why I like it: Lots of humor and entertainment. About the only film all of my family likes, so watch it alot. And now they have re-released it into the cinemas celebrating the 25th anniversary.

3. Star Trek (Abrams, 2009)

Budget: $140m
US Box Office: $257m
UK Box Office: £21m

Why I like it: Great action and special effects. You don't need to have seen the old Star Trek films to know what is happening! Cannot wait for the next film, but I hope Simon Pegg is in it a bit more

4. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Cameron, 1991)

Budget: $100m
US Box Office: $190m
UK Box Office: £18m

Why I like it: Arnold's one liners! Action and lots of cool chase scenes even with liquid nitrogen. Classic film and definatly worth a watch. But dont watch Terminator 3 or Salvation they are dissappointing and dont live up to 1 & 2.

5. Saving Private Ryan (Speilberg 1998)

Budget: $90m
US Box Office: $216m 
UK Box Office: £18m 

Why I like it: The best action scenes on a film! Filled with action, gore and Tom Hanks what more can you want? However the plot is a bit pointless but who cares, have you seen the action?!

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